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Sentiment and trend analysis

Sentiment and trend analysis from the social media and online news.

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  • We will be soon launching the equity based Crowd Funding campaign to raise funds for our initiatives, starting from £10 for UK investors (starting from $15 for USA and worldwide investors, available only for investors USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK including EU region countries, Singapore, India and Japan. Others, please excuse. If you are still interested please contact us).
    Fund as as little as £10 ($15) and be a part of next generation online company.
  • If you are an angel investor or a venture capital firm interested to seed/early stage fund, please contact us.

    We are a technically skilled team over 16 years of experience in Software and Web Development with expertise in scalable architectures (SQL and NoSQL systems), high traffic websites development, Real Time Search and Analytics and Ajax, HTML5 and CSS3 etc. Currently, the initiative is self-funded (angel) by our founder Diwakar Padmaraja

    We have ambitious plans to launch and grow Thulya Social Network for Communities. For practical reasons, we are not disclosing the full project plan publicaly as of now. If you are interested to invest a signficant amount, we will be happy to present the project plans and revenue model to you upon signing the non-disclosure agreement. We are ok to meet up in London or anywhere in United Kingdom (UK).

BigfoxDb is a hybrid Web Scale Database system with Sharding and Replication functionalities. It supports most common features and functionalities of SQL Queries (includes LINQ provider), NoSQL (Schemaless), Lucene based Full Text Search, Realtime Analytics. It persists the data in disk through traditional ACID compliant database management systems such as MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite and has an option to store in Bigfox's own B+ Tree storage engine. BigfoxDb has inbuilt inmemory Cache for faster data access.

It has been implemented in managed .Net C# code for mainly Windows Operating System (We have plans to release for Linux and other platforms with mono).